BONI / JOHANNA [sde video]

After 5 years of being a couple, Boni and Johanna decided to tie the knot. Last July 02, 2015, the two shared their promises to each other before God and their loved ones at Gloria Maris, Greenhills.

With full sincerity and pure love, tears spilled from their eyes while uttering their vows- even their guests couldn’t help not to cry hearing the couple’s promises of forever.

Watch their SDE video to know more about their story.

BONI / JOHANNA [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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DEREK / NIKKI [wedding photos]

Last May, 15, 2015, Derek and Nikki joined as one at St. James The Great Parish, Alabang City- witnessed by God, their family and friends.

Derek, the groom, couldn’t help himself not to cry as the church’s door opens and discloses her beautiful wife-to-be. The bride, Nikki, is also very emotional as she walks down the aisle and sees her husband-to-be patiently waiting for her.

Tears also fell down on their guests’ eyes as they witnessed how sincere and in love the couple are.

As the priest preached, “Let me remind you, Derek and Nikki, that we are not only celebrating your love for each other, a church wedding or the sacrament of marriage celebrates more than love, it is not only your love for each other, it is also about recognizing God as part of your marriage life.”

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JAHZON and TASKEEN [Sde video]

Jahzon and Taskeen’s very intimate and solemn wedding at Santuario de San Jose, Greenhills is their ideal wedding since then. Before God and their loved ones, the two uttered the words ‘Yes, I do’ as a sign of their love and promise of forever.

The guests were very emotional as Taskeen walks down the aisle- on the other hand, Jahzon holds his tears and breath while looking at her beautiful bride walking towards him.

Check out their SDE video to know more about their story.

JAHZON / TASKEEN [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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Grace Eugenio - Hi! I’m looking for a videographer for our wedding on Feb 6. I’d like to know your rates and inclusions. thanks!

we amplify - Hi Ms. Grace, we’ll email you the rates and packages 🙂

JEFF / MINA [sde video]

 Bubbly couple Jeff and Mina joined as one before God and their loved ones at Christ the King Parish, Green Meadows last October 19, 2014.

They share a lot of interests in common that’s why it’s never a question why they ended up together. Their family and friends witnessed how Jeff and Mina matured in their relationship.

The very emotional groom holds his tears while seeing his beautiful bride-to-be walking down the aisle. Sometimes groom are more emotional in weddings than brides! We don’t want to think that they’re  only crying because of the fear of getting hitched! Nah!

Watch their Same-Day edit video to know more about their story.

JEFF / MINA [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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JOEY / JULIE [sde video]

Everyone wants a relationship that will last a lifetime but only few people are lucky to have that kind of relationship; Joey and Julie are one of those lucky people.

After 40 years of being a married couple, they decided to tie the knot again and renew their vows!  🙂

Check out Joey and Julie’s Same-Day edit video to know more about their love story.

JOEY / JULIE [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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ROSS / FARAH [wedding photos]

A beach wedding that everyone is dreaming of!

Ross and Farah throws a memorable day for their family and friends with a unique and intimate ceremony at Acuatico Beach Resort, San Juan Batangas.

The bride, Farah, complement her look with the beach wearing a very sexy wedding dress; And her groom, Ross, wearing a modern suit that matches her looks. Both of them are a stunning vision! We know a lot of girls/ bride-to-be are thinking to have a figure like Farah to let them wear a wedding outfit like her. But we doubt if anyone can wear it as Farah nailed it!

Being together for years and facing a lot of challenges in their relationship made them stronger, wanting them to stay with each other in whatever circumstances they may encounter.

What can you say about their wedding? Let us know what were you thinking while looking at their photos!


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RAY / ANJ [sde video]

Distance will no longer keep Ray and Anj apart as they tie the knot after being in a long distance relationship for four years. The love story of two people from opposite parts of the world, will now begin a new chapter as they unite and forever keep distance away from their union.


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